Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Stanford Business Magazine August 2007

Stanford Business Magazine August 2007: "Susan Athey Awarded John Bates Clark Medal
by Joshua Gans
Susan Athey, a 1995 graduate of the Business School’s doctoral program in economics and currently a professor at Harvard, became the first woman to be honored with the very prestigious John Bates Clark Medal in April. The medal, which is one of economics’ oldest awards (60 years as compared to 40 years for the Nobel Memorial Prize), is given every two years to the best economist under 40 in the United States. It is one of economics’ most prestigious awards and a predictor of future Nobel glory. (At Stanford Ken Arrow, Michael Spence, and David Kreps are all past recipients.) While insiders already knew that Susan’s work was outstanding, the award tells outsiders (either to the field or to academia) of the news."

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